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Know The Sacred Significance of Savan/Sawan for Prayers

30 Jul 2023

In the sacred realm of Hinduism, the month of Savan, also known as Sawan, holds immense significance for prayers and pujan. Falling between July and August, this holy period is highly revered and considered auspicious for connecting with the divine. The combination of celestial alignments, astrological influences, and ancient traditions bestow Savan with its sanctity, making it a time of heightened spiritual devotion and observance.

Savan: Spritual Elevation and Sacred Unity in Prayers

1. Planetary Alignment and Spiritual Elevation

During Savan, the alignment of celestial bodies plays a pivotal role in the spiritual realm. It is believed that Lord Shiva, the supreme deity of the Hindu pantheon, is especially receptive to prayers during this time. As per astrological beliefs, the planetary positions empower positive energies, enhancing the impact of prayers and pujas, making them more effective and fruitful.

2. The Legend of Samudra Manthan

Savan is intrinsically linked to the mythological tale of Samudra Manthan, where gods and demons churned the cosmic ocean to obtain the elixir of immortality, Amrit. It is believed that during this churning process, several divine items emerged from the ocean, including the venomous Halahala (poison). To protect the universe from its destructive power, Lord Shiva consumed the Halahala, which turned his throat blue, earning him the epithet of Neelkanth. In reverence to this act, devotees offer cooling substances like milk and holy water to Lord Shiva during Savan, seeking blessings for protection and strength.

3. Monsoon: A Symbol of Purification

Savan coincides with the onset of the monsoon season in India, where the parched land is rejuvenated by life-giving rains. This natural process symbolizes purity and cleansing, which aligns perfectly with the spiritual aspect of prayers. Devotees consider this period ideal for purifying their minds and souls, seeking forgiveness for their past actions, and seeking a fresh start on their spiritual journey.

4. Importance of Cow Dung and Ayurvedic Herbs in Savan Prayers

The brand Arth's use of sacred prayer essentials, such as Havan cups, Havan cake/tikkis, Havan samagri, Dhoop sticks, and Incense sticks, made from desi cow dung and pure ayurvedic herbs, holds immense significance during Savan. In Hindu culture, cow dung is considered highly purifying and is often used in religious ceremonies to cleanse the surroundings. Ayurvedic herbs, known for their healing properties, add to the spiritual ambiance and promote overall well-being during prayers and pujas. 

5. Fostering Unity and Togetherness

Savan is a time of communal devotion and celebration. Families and communities come together to perform prayers and engage in various religious and cultural activities. This fosters a sense of unity, strengthening the bonds of love and harmony among people. The collective prayers create an atmosphere of positive energy and mutual support, uplifting everyone's spirits and promoting a sense of oneness.

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The sacred month of Savan holds a special place in the hearts of devotees, offering a unique opportunity for spiritual growth and connection with the divine. With its astrological significance, mythological connections, and the sanctity of rituals performed using Arth's prayer essentials, this sacred month becomes a time of profound devotion, purification, and renewal. Embrace the essence of Savan, engage in heartfelt prayers, and experience the transformative power of this auspicious period.

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