ARTH is a brand that believes in the power of nature and tradition. We make prayer essential products from desi cow dung and ayurvedic herbs that are eco-friendly, biodegradable, 100% pure and chemical-free. Our organic products help purify the air, reduce stress and create a positive vibe that benefits your body, mind and soul

What Do We Do ?

Empowering Non-Milking Desi Cows

We're dedicated to the sustainability of Gaushalas, safeguarding our sacred Desi Cows through innovative cow dung recycling. Our efforts echo our commitment to nurturing both the environment and our cultural heritage.

Eco-Friendly Prayer Essentials

At ARTH , we imbue devotion into sustainability. Handcrafted with love at our Gaushala, we utilize cow dung, a bountiful natural resource, to create eco-friendly prayer essentials. Our Prayer Essentials carry the sanctity of the divine cow while supporting the noble cause of Gaushala.

Empowering Local Farmers & Rural Women

We're devoted to empowering rural women and farmers in India. Our focus is on enhancing their lives and communities. Our commitment to the environment is clear in our actions. Our eco-friendly pious products inspire positive change. We invite you to join us in making a difference. Together, we can build a better world for everyone.

Awards And Appreciation

Meet Our Founders


Ayush Sultania

Passionate about driving transformative change, Ayush propels Manufacturing and Automation Engineer. A distinguished NSIT, Delhi graduate, his 7-year entrepreneurial journey boasts accolades and prestigious awards. At ARTH, Ayush empowers cattle farmers, forging sustainable livelihoods. Join us in crafting a shared future illuminated by his visionary commitment.

Rishabh Rawat

A remarkable Computer Engineer, Rishabh graduated from NSIT, Delhi in 2018, infusing 5 years of startup mastery into ARTH. A deft hand at team leadership, strategic expansion, and multitasking, he propels our marketing campaigns. Observe the profound influence he's shaping within ARTH's empowerment mission. Come aboard this voyage of growth and transformation with us.

Our Team Glimpses

Arth is dedicated to empowering rural and tribal women, and local artisans to promote our traditional core values. We feel proud as we have created numerous employment opportunities in the countryside and aim to generate more employment to uplift the people of these areas. Arth has been appreciated at both national & international platforms for hard work & perseverance to promote sustainable & pollution-free living We aim to change the way people think about waste and encourage eco-friendly alternatives.