Bambooless Premium Dhoop Sticks (Red Sandalwood)

An aroma that keeps your surroundings positive

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Experience the calming and soothing effects of Bamboo less Red Chandan Dhoop Sticks today and bring the benefits of Ayurvedic herbs into your daily life. Arth’s Red Chandan Dhoop Sticks are the perfect solution for creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere in your living space

Bambooless Premium Dhoop Sticks (Red Sandalwood)

Bambooless Premium Dhoop Sticks (Red Sandalwood)

₹ 295.00 ₹ 266.00

Bambooless Premium Dhoop Sticks (Red Sandalwood)

₹ 295.00 ₹ 266.00

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are Bambooless Red Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks?

    Bambooless Red Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks are a type of incense made by Arth using a blend of pure panchgavya and Ayurvedic herbs, including red sandalwood, guggal, raal, bhimseni kapoor, jatamansi, nagarmotha, and more. They are designed to create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, promoting relaxation and reducing stress.

    What is panchgavya?

    Panchgavya refers to a mixture of five products derived from cows: milk, curd, ghee, cow urine, and cow dung. It is considered sacred in Ayurveda and is believed to have various health benefits.

    How do I use Bambooless Red Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks?

    To use the dhoop sticks, light one end and allow it to burn for a few seconds. Then, blow out the flame and place the smoking stick in a suitable holder or incense burner. The aromatic smoke will create a pleasant ambiance in your living space.

    What are the benefits of using these dhoop sticks?

    The Bambooless Red Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks are formulated with a unique blend of Ayurvedic herbs and red sandalwood, known for their calming and soothing effects. Using these sticks can help you experience a sense of relaxation, reduce stress, and promote a positive atmosphere in your home.

    Are these dhoop sticks safe to use?

    Yes, these dhoop sticks are made of natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals. Arth ensures that their products are safe and healthy for you and your family.

    How long does the aroma linger after burning the dhoop stick?

    The aroma of these dhoop sticks lingers for a significant amount of time after the stick has burned, leaving your home smelling fresh and inviting.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Kartikeya Singh

    Product was different than I ordered. When I asked them to send my required product, they didn't even bother to reply.

    vrajesh Kutumbe

    Very divine


    Arth's dhoop sticks are so amazing, the pleasant fragrance and aroma are so soothing and calming. I love the product very much, thank you Arth for your great service.

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